domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

Tea time embroidery

In few days the Fall come(
I live in Argentina, in the southern hemisphere), and now I remember how much like me drink tea in cold days. With the intention to add a bit of "glamour" to my tea time, I embroidered this little cup to make a coaster. Problem: result so much cute to put a cup on! So, I decided included it in another project.

I haven't any apron. Since a few time I want to sew one. Then, I think that the nice embroidered cup of tea could decorate one of the pockets. For the another, I embroidered the cupcake. They're a perfect and delicious couple, aren't?

The designs are very cute and... free! The awesome designer is Mollie Johanson from Wild Olive, and she have a lot of freebies in her blog, but if you want to find these two designs, the cup of tea is here, and the cupcake here.

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